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Robert Meiners started AGREM in 1984 as a computer software company geared towards the unique needs of farmers, farm managers, and landowners.  Since then, AGREM has expanded its services and developed software that incorporated new GIS technology making AGREM one of the first firms to provide precise, user friendly mapping software.  By 2000, AGREM’s GIS software had become the leading design system for the installation of systematic and grid tile drainage systems. 

Just after the turn of the 21st century, AGREM was incorporated, becoming AGREM LLC, a family owned corporation focused on the development of water management systems.  AGREM again expanded its product line and began offering contoured drainage, contour controlled drainage, contour subirrigation, and effluent management systems.  These advanced designs, developed and patented by Robert, Chad and Jeremy Meiners, are the best means available today to drain and control water tables of fields with topographical change.

AGREM LLC’s product lines are custom designed to help farm operations become more environmentally friendly while keeping costs low and maximizing profits.  Because AGREM Systems are custom designed, each system is unique and geared to meet your needs.  We at AGREM work with you to design a system that works best for you. 

Your continued growth is our success.




We hear all the time, "What does AGREM stand for?"

There have been some good theories proposed to us over the years, some of which are more geared towards water management than the real explanation. The name, though, is rather simple in origin and dates back to the origin of our company.

Since our beginning, the main purpose of AGREM has been to develop software to improve yields and reduce costs of operations for agricultural producers. The first two letters, then, AG, stand for just that, agriculture. We also are a family company, and our agriculture roots and family mean a great deal to us. The three last letters, REM, are in honor of our founder's mother, Ruth Elizabeth Meiners.