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  • AGREM Geologic Cooperation Agreement
    AGREM LLC and Geologic Computer Systems, Inc. are proud to annouce our cooperation in developing to provide the state of the art, turn key tiling software to the drainage industry. Our new software package incorporates the strengths of both of our company’s expertise and experience. Click above for our official announcment.

  • Beck's Hybrids posts results of AGREM subirrigation study
    After four years of study, Beck's Hybrids posted in August 2015 results for testing the yield advantage of an AGREM subirrigation system. Check it out yourself to see how we did!
  • Beck's Hybrids establishes AGREM subirrigation test site
    Want to see how the Beck's study started? Check out this youtube posted by Beck's Hybrids on the establishment of their first AGREM subirrigation system.
  • Manure Management at Illinois State University
    More than just water can be used for subirrigation. Check out this article on ISU using livestock effluent in an AGREM Subirrigation system.
  • Farm Industry News Article on an early AGREM Subirrigation Site
    One of the first AGREM Subirrigation sites was located near Colfax Illinois and for The Nature Conservancy. Want to read more? Click on the link above!
  • Subirrigation in North Dakota
    Subirrigation is a new way to utilize drainage tile, for irrigation. Even in areas not traditionally considered part of the drainage belt subirrigation is being used to efficiently irrigate and improve root zone conditions.