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Conserving Resources and Improving Yields: A Win - Win Situation

Feed the growing world while taking better care of our resources.

Surface Drainage Systems to Reduce Erosion

High and rapid rainfall plus topographical change often means surface erosion. Check out AGREM's services in planning surface drainage systems geared to remove surface water quickly while reducing soil loss.

Drainage Water Management Design

Controlled drainage is one of the best tools to reduce the runoff of water soluble pollutants. AGREM designs controlled drainage systems to match the topography of fields, allowing for water table control on fields with topographical change.

Wetland Reservoir Subirrigation Design

Collecting water in a reservoir from drainage and then reusing this water for irrigation during the growing season conserves water resources and recycles nutrients otherwise lost through drainage. Follow the above link to see more.

Water Management Consulting

With over 20 years experience in the industry and knowledge of the most advanced water management systems available today, AGREM is here to assist you with developing water management systems from a single field to whole watersheds.