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Giving you Options in Water Management

Water management is the single most important determinant of yields. For most growers though, water management is often left to nature. Too much rain drowns out crops, while too little exhausts soil moisture reducing yields. AGREM LLC offers you options to take some of the control away from nature in managing your field's water needs. From surface and subsurface drainage to dual purpose subirrigation systems, we offer you options that you may never have realized you had before to manage water.

Water Management System Design

Every field is unique and requires a water management system that is designed specifically for that field. From surface to subsurface irrigation, AGREM designs fields that maximize yields, conserve resources, and provide options for future additions. Check out the different design options we offer and how we design with your feedback!

Water Management Training and Software for Installation

Do you install your own drainage systems?  If so, take a look at how AGREM can assist you with your installation.