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AGREM Professional Contractor Network

Effective tile and water management installation requires the right equipment, knowledge, and experience. The AGREM Professional Contractor Network is a group of these experienced contractors who know how to install tile correctly, stand behind their work, and are able to install the most advanced water management systems available today. Joining the network allows you to bid on AGREM water management designs if you desire and provides the training you need to install these designs correctly. Not only does this increase your market, but it also allows you to share and hear new ideas on how to provide quality work to your customers.

    What does it take to join the network?

  • Quality tile plow or trencher and machine control system
  • GPS and software required for tile installation
  • Experience in installing tile drainage systems
  • Proven track record of quality installation
  • Committment to standing behind your tile installations
  • Desire to bid on and install advanced water management systems

Why is there a network of professional tile installers?

AGREM LLC specializes in the design and software of water management, not in the installation of these systems. We do not do installations ourselves. You are the expert on installation and we rely on professional contractors like yourself to install our systems. The advantages are numerous for this network. First, it means more work for you, with all the hassle of designing a system taken care of by AGREM. Second, it means we can rely on your expertise to install a high quality water management system. Third, it means we can provide our services over a wider territory as we can rely on professional contractors located throughout the United States and world. Fourth, it means that the grower gets the best system possible, an advanced water management design installed by a professional contractor who knows local conditions and local needs. Its a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.