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AGREM Controlled Drainage Systems

AGREM designs controlled drainage systems to effectively manage your water table regardless of your fields topography. By using multiple control gates dividing a field into elevation zones, AGREM controlled drainage systems are the best means to block nutrient runoff and conserve natural precipitation during the growing season. These systems are further able to be upgraded into subirrigation systems.

  • Designed on the contour
  • Ability to control water table heights within zones
  • Multiple elevation zones allowing control over entire field
  • Retains natural precipitation
  • Reduced nutrient runoff
  • Can be upgraded into an AGREM subirrigation system

Can I make my pattern tile system into a controlled drainage system by adding a couple gates?

Unfortunately for most fields the answer is no. Pattern tile systems often are designed with different goals in mind than controlled drainage systems are. For instance, pattern tile system laterals often are designed to be as long as possible with as much slope as possible. This results in tile laterals increasing in elevation by several feet along their entire length. Control gates often can control only up to two feet of elevation change. If a lateral rises three feet from beginning to end, the distance up to two feet may be controlled but the distance from two to three feet will not. If the gate is placed higher to gain control over this higher elevation, it will also effectively raise the water table above the surface at the lower distances of the lateral, thereby creating ponds near the gate. It is best to have a system designed for controlled drainage if that is your goal, and the type of system that is needed is an AGREM contour drainage system.