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AGREM Surface and Combination Drainage Systems

Most fields benefit from both surface and subsurface drainage. Subsurface drainage, even at high intensities, often cannot handle all rain events alone. Incorporating surface drains within a subsurface water management system allows for methods to remove excess water effectively and also reduces the risk of soil erosion, which can destroy a subsurface water management system over time. AGREM offers several options in surface drainage design that can be included with subsurface water management systems.

Surface Drainage System Designs:
  • Surface Risers
  • French Drains
  • Waterways
  • Spin Ditches
  • Terraces
  • Do I still need ditches after installing tile drainage?

    It depends on what you used your ditches for, but for the most part the answer is a resounding yes! Subsurface drainage and surface drainage in most fields do two different things. Subsurface removes water that has infiltrated your soil surface. Surface drainage removes water that doesn't. If you get rain events that are greater than your soil's infiltration rate and your drainage systems drainage coefficient, you need surface drainage.