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AGREM Professional Software

Want to design your own pattern tile systems? Want to become part of the AGREM Professional Contractor Network? Then you need to check out AGREM Professional Software. This software package allows you to go from survey to installation. It also includes the training you need to install AGREM Advanced Water Management Systems for your clients. Call us today to talk more about this option!


  • Ability to create topographical maps, random tile designs, and pattern tile designs
  • Automatic bid creation
  • Extensive software and design training
  • Ability to take designs to the field with GPS locations, depths, and grades
  • Guidance during installation
  • Recording of installation
  • Survey capabilities using RTK

    Not Included:

  • Ability to create contour drainage designs and advanced water management system designs
  • Are there annual renewal or service fees to use your software license?

    No. In fact, we update AGREM software often and only charge an additional upgrade fee in case of major updates. To give you an idea of how often major updates occur, we have had only one since first developing our software back in 1993. That is not to say it has only been updated once since then. We are continously updating our software, but we have traditionally provide these updates for free.