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AGREM Rugged Computers

Installing drainage tile is a tough job. The computer you use needs to be tougher! Since 1993, AGREM has built and provided ruggedized computers geared for use in tile plows and tractors. Based on your desires for a computer, we have the solution. Large screen computers built tough allow you to see your screen easily during installation. Tablet varieties conserve space and can be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle. Let us know your needs, and we will find a solution for you!

I thought you were a software and design company. You build computers?

Today, we build them from time to time but have found good outlets for quality rugged computers that only need a few modifications for our industry. In the past though, we built nearly every computer we sold from basic components. When we first began working in the tiling industry, there were few if any quality rugged computers in the market. Those that were present were not well suited for the difficult environment tilers often face. We had to provide a solution, and the solution was for us to build computers. Since then, the market has improved and we no longer have to construct computers like we used to. We do though know what it takes to have a good reliable computer in the field, and we are always testing and tweaking new rugged computers to see if they can meet the requirements we know contractors need.