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AGREM Contour Drainage Systems

AGREM Contour Drainage Systems are the most efficient and effective drainage systems in the market today. By placing tile laterals along the contours, our tile intercepts the flow of water in your field, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the tile installed in removing excess water. In addition to interceptor drainage, tiles are placed at a uniform depth throughout your field. This provides relief drainage to fields with topographical variation. Additionally, AGREM Contoured Drainage Systems can be upgraded to AGREM Controlled Drainage Systems or AGREM Subirrigation Systems, allowing for long term expansion of your water management needs.

  • Perfect combination of relief and interceptor drainage
  • Most efficient method of drainage in subsurface drainage design
  • Designed according to your soil type and desired drainage coefficient
  • Uniform tile depth
  • Consistent grade with no grade breaks on laterals
  • Can be combined with surface drainage systems
  • Can be expanded upon to more advanced water management systems
  • Can be used for effective controlled drainage and subirrigation

Why are growers choosing to have their drainage systems designed on the contour?

Across the Midwest growers have been forgoeing traditional conventional and interceptor tile designs for contour systems. Most of all, we hear that they want better drainage, and the best method of drainage design in the market is on the contour. We also hear growers with clay pans wanting consistent depth. For these growers, having tile below the clay pan means the drainage tile barely work. Growers also are thinking about the future when they choose contour drainage. Contour drainage systems are the only systems for fields with topographical change that can be upgraded into a efficient controlled drainage system or subirrigation system. Even though they need drainage today, they may need controlled drainage or want subirrigation in the future. Last, when compared to interceptor drainage design, contour drainage doesn't cost much more. Why not have the best design out there when investing as much as you are for tile drainage?