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AGREM Wetland Reservoir Subirrigation Systems (WRSIS)

A special variant of an AGREM Subirrigation System includes a reservoir for water collection and a shallow constructed wetland to break down nutrient overflow from the drainage system using solar energy. AGREM first developed our methods of contour drainage design in order to design these systems, which were originally developed through university studies. These systems are able to both retain water for later irrigation and also greatly reduce nutrient runoff into streams. Often referred to as closed loop subirrigation systems, the WRSIS design combines conservation and yield improvement. Contact AGREM today if you'd like to talk more about our different subirrigation options!

Are all subirrigation systems designed by AGREM WRSIS systems?

No. In fact, the majority of the subirrigation systems designed by AGREM do not included reservoirs and only a few include constructed wetlands. The WRSIS is a special type of subirrigation system that makes the most sense for growers who are unable to use a well for irrigation and those wishing to recycle and reduce nutrient runoff. Some livestock producers also use these systems so as to apply their effluent through the subirrigation system.